Christmas/Chanukah cards

Last year I suggested that printers post copies of their cards. There was a good response and I hope all enjoyed them as much as I did. I must admit jealousy. I am a good printer, but am mechanical and not artistic and creative.
If you are pleased with your work; please share it with us.


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Hi Inky,

Merry Christmas to you from the UK. Once again there’s been a strong group of around 60 printers for the UK letterpress Christmas Card exchange and this year has seen a lot of international contributors from as far afield as Mexico, Argentina, and many parts of continental Europe . I’ve done a little write-up on my effort for the exchange here –

The lovely Armina Ghazaryan has been documenting all the cards as they’ve arrived to her in Ghent, Belgium –

Here’s hoping that the links above fuel your festive creativity!

Seasons Greetings,

image: 1.jpg


image: 3.jpg


image: 4.jpg


image: 5.jpg


I love this card. Wish I would had you print some for my shop to mail out!

Here’s the one we made this year. It’s a photo card with letterpress border and text inside. The border was gleaned form BP’s cuts and caps. Printed on my home made 6x9 platen press. My wife Marisa took the photo and that was printed here as well.

Merry Christmas!

image: 01a.jpg


image: 01b.jpg


image: 01c.jpg


For the past two years I have invited those who create their own Chanukah or Christmas cards to post copies of their works. The response has been good.
Your post of your work is a gift and greeting to all others on the forum.
I hope you look forward to the responses as I do.
I am a good printer, but lack skill in the artistic and creative department. I look with a bit of jealousy and a large amount of admiration to those who can create and spread good will.


I just realized that maybe starting to print a Christmas card on 12/1/16 may make it hard to be in the mail for this year. I will post some I had from the last two years.

I’ve made a few over the years but I’ve not started anything yet this year. Might be too late now… here’s a sample of the past. Sorry about the bad lighting and composition.



We have just finished printing a few designs, one of which used a rare pre-revolutionary Russian block, smuggled out of Tobolsk to Harbin, China by the few remaining sisters of a convent massacred by the Bolsheviks, and eventually found its way to a convent printshop San Francisco, and thence to our Guild. The block of King Wenceslas is English, c.1900.







Lead Graffiti’s card for 2016. Arrows are ones we made for our Tour de Lead Graffiti 2015 project. The idea for the card came from some cards being made by Gingerly Press which was using triangles as trees. Jill cypher did the whole card which was also used as one of our pieces for APA. The arrows are handrolled in 3 colors. Making 240 of them took the better part of 2 full days. I think they are sweet.

image: card-holiday-lead-graffiti-2016-briar-press.jpg


Here’s our holiday card for 2016. Our son got a new kitten in August so my wife designed a cat themed card. Handfed on a 10 x 15 Kluge . Even with crop marks the registration was incredibly tight.

image: Fair Isle Kitten_3.png

Fair Isle Kitten_3.png

image: Fair Isle Kitten_2.png

Fair Isle Kitten_2.png

image: Fair Isle Kitten_1.png

Fair Isle Kitten_1.png

Happy Holidays everybody,

Printed in four separate colors on a Vandercook Universal 1.

image: IMG_0624 (1).jpg

IMG_0624 (1).jpg

image: Version 2.jpg

Version 2.jpg

Happy Chanukah and Merry Christmas to all
As the instigator of this thread I have enjoyed all of the examples posted. I hope you have enjoyed them also.
Time to start thinking and sketching for next year.

Get some ink on your shirt


I logged on today looking for this thread… it has been one of my favorites in previous years. Beautiful work, everyone!