Polar 76 EM User Manual

Hello -

Anyone have a copy of the Polar 76 EM user manual or know where I can find one? Thanks!

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I Googled it. This and other entries came up.


Thanks. I spent a long time looking on Google too and came up empty handed. So that’s why I asked Briar Press. I found many dubious links with weird extensions, but I was too scared to click or sign up.

In the US you can contact Heidelberg USA, they sell Polar Mohr in the US.

The manual is $458.00 from Heidelberg!!!!!!

You can try Colter Peterson. They buy, sell & recondition paper cutters. Their website is: colterpeterson.com


The shop I work at has a 76EM and we have the manual. I am unsure how I can help though, we have no scanner to get info to you.