Letterpress Opportunity

Hello my name is Kelly Kask and I am the owner of Reclaimed Trading Company.

My Canadian company buys and sells industrial salvage, diverting valuable items from scrap yards and landfills. 1*.

I recently came across a fully functional, antique & vintage letterpress print shop and I am looking for someone who would like to work with it. What I’m looking for is an artist operator. Someone who has basic letterpress skills. Who is passionate about letterpress printing, and has a deep desire to grow. 2*

This could be the opportunity of a lifetime to collaborate and co-own a commercial letterpress shop. I supply the site and equipment and you take the ball and run with it.

Location has yet to be determined. I’m thinking of Vancouver or Toronto.

Here is the equipment list;

Washington Hand Press. 20” x 25”.

Chandler & Price. Treadle, 8” x 12” floor model platen.

Golding Pearl #1. treadle, 5”x 8” Table top.

Paragon 19” paper cutter.

3 Hamilton type cabinets, with 60 cases of lead type.

Other items include;

Lock-up stone, Line Gauge, Lock-up furniture, Leads & slugs, Pressboard & packing, 2 hand composing sticks, Quoins, keys, Rouse Lead/slug cutter, Type planer & mallet, Rouse miter.

1* http://www.crebnow.com/reclaiming-repurposing-and-reusing/

2* http://drewpress.blogspot.com/2014/07/in-march-2014-i-had-voicemail-left...

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