No thanks, no California wasH for me!

*Yes I’m still handling lead type, kerosine, gasoline, benzine, carbon tetracloride, inhaling fumes from a Ludlow pot in the confines of a small print shop. (And with no ill effects!) Risking my life and limb hand feeding a mid-1800’s Gordon Jobber.
Sorry, no loft, studio co-op, kickstart-financed project or any other uppity name.
I have a stinky, foul-smelling PRINT SHOP! I get ink on my hands, elbows, shirt sleeves.

Yes, Smash must not be good as my cardiologist still says: “NO” to getting smashed!

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Sound like my shop.

FREE - almost a full gallon of CA Ultra Wash MRC. You must pick it up (no shipping). Located in West Covina, California. [email protected]