moving a C&P 12 x 18 from my home

I know this topic comes up a bit here but I haven’t found any advice that fits my situation.

I have a 2000+lbs C&P 12x18 press which needs to be moved out of a bedroom in my home, through the living room, out the front door, down two cement steps and then down my driveway into a new building about 50 feet behind my home.

I want to hire someone to move this press as I don’t want to attempt it.

My question is, what type of mover/rigger should I call for this job? What would one expect to pay for this?

I have googled several local companies but they look like they are much too big for the job, and like they are about moving things much larger and heavier. And obviously, you can’t get a large machine like a fork lift into my guest bedroom.

Anyone been in a similar situation? Advice?


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Try calling people that move Pianos.

When you talk to prospective riggers, ask them how they propose to do the job. If they say they will use planks and pipe rollers, they sound like they know what they are doing.
It isn’t high tech work. The best way is to keep it low and slow.
Assuming that with the press tied closed it will fit through the doorways side to side (as flywheel first or last). I would guess if the route from the front of the house to the other building is smooth and hard surfaced, the job might take two hours. What is the labor rate for two hours of skilled labor times two men? Double that for tools, equipment, knowledge and profit. Stipulate that if there is damage, there is no pay.

A 12x18 is closer to 2500 pounds.

What is the floor made out of? I hope you have a slab foundation.

How wide are your door frames?

If this thing is in a bedroom, it likely did not get there in one piece.

Do you have a driveway or sidewalk to move it across on your way to the new building?


If you’re still in Franklin, TN you might want to give Dave Seat a call (615-754-5500) and see who he recommends for the job. He’s less than an hour NE of you in Mount Juliet and I’m sure he knows anyone and everyone in the area.

The press will probably have to come apart unless you have double doors and a very clear path.

Keep us posted. Sounds like fun.


I appreciate everyone’s comments.

I will give Dave Seat a call. Yes, we took apart the press to get it in the house and will have to do it again to get it out. No concrete slab but floor joists with added support. However the building we are moving it to is slab.