Pilot Handle broken

Even though the press was bolted and strapped down tight on a pallet, then wrapped tightly the press still arrived busted up. Arrrgggg.
Does anyone have any suggestions on where to find a handle for a Pilot press.
Ours was broken and lost in shipping.

image: Pilot Handle.jpg

Pilot Handle.jpg

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Talk to T&T Press Restoration- they can probably repair that handle and make it look and function as good as new.


That”s so funny that I did not think of them first.
They are only about 40 miles from me.
Ill post here if they can help me…
your the best,jd

Tom and Terri fix so many things for us. They are truly incredible at what they do. You are lucky to have them so close!



Also track down the contact info for Steve Robinson at Letterpreservation. I believe he’s still got a handful of newly cast shovel-style Pilot handles.



Thank you Dan @ arm/NYC & Brad @ diecharry.
I ended up taking the path of least resistance with DeFelice engineering as they had some made up & in stock.

T&T graciously offered to fabricate one.
I did not check with Steve Robinson but I really do like those shovel-style handles, next time…..

DeFelice contact info below,
Jon Drew/Mpls

Brian DeFelice
Mooresville, IN USA