Using Oil-based inks AND Rubber based inks together

So hey guys!
I’m pretty new to letterpress. I’ve printed a few things with Van Son rubber based inks, but for some of my next pieces I’m very interested in adding a gold ink to the mix. I can only seem to find Gold in oil based inks. Van Son makes gold ink, but I can’t tell if it is rubber or oil based plus, I’d have to get 3.3 lbs of the stuff and I REALLY don’t need that much.

So based on all of that. If I use a Rubber based black ink and then lay down some Gold oil based ink on top of that. Is anything terrible going to happen? Or is it just going to look badass.

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I’ve used oil based ink since 2001 because I don’t let the ink sit on the press. Once I finish printing on onto another color and washes up with mineral spirits.

Thanks! If I overprint oil based on top of rubber based ink is there an interaction I need to be aware of?

I would have some concern of printing oil over rubber, but even more trying to print rubber over oil. I suspect that you will have drying issues—to be mindful of. Also, if you are printing on hard surfaced stock, allow extra time for the rubber base ink to dry hard.

The big issue is the ink drying. It might be worth your while to pick up a pound of oil based black.

Probably not a bad call to experiment personally with oil based inks. I’ve simply taken the recommendation of Boxcar press to jump on the rubber based inks thus far. I’ve had difficulties with drying in the past so it would be worth my time.

My concern on oil based ink printing over rubber based ink is you need to be sure the rubber based ink on the sheet is completely dry first. Otherwise as you print your gold over your black the form is slowly going to pick up the still wet black rubber base ink and dirty your gold. Rubber based ink over Oil Based ink will need driers added to it as the oil based in already on the sheet will prevent it from absorbing into the sheet. Even printing oil based inks over oil based ink will have this issued, though the oil will dry after a day or so be evaporation.