Lubricating Roller Arms

I have a Kelsey tabletop press. The roller arms weren’t moving smoothly so I took them off and cleaned off all of the built-up dirt and grime that had accumulated.

I was looking for suggestions for what type of lubricant to use when I put them back on. Should I use normal heavy oil or would something like white lithium grease work better?

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Use oil, and a liberal amount of it, and then wipe away the excess. (Don’t bathe it in oil, but use a good amount). One of the purposes of lubrication is to carry away contaminants (dirt etc) and wear products (minute particles of metal). When you wipe the excess oil off, you are wiping away some of the old oil with the contaminants and wear products from a previous press run. If you use grease, the contaminants and wear products will be captured in the grease (where they can do harm), and won’t be able to get away.