H.M. Sellers & Co Sheffield

I am researching the history of H.M. Sellers & Co, Sheffield as I have a large collection of their wood type but there is hardly any record of them on the internet.

Does anybody have any documentation, type specimen catalogues or other information on them that you would be happy to share?

I will gladly pay for scanning or copying of any documentation

Many thanks

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The St Bride Library would normally be the starting point but they closed last year due to funding problems.
Their catalogue is on the City of London library system and there is one book. that would be of interest to you but for the moment you can’t go and read it.

Thanks Platenprinter,

I am hoping to get a copy of that in a couple of weeks. One of their volunteers helps out every week and will hopefully get a copy for me.

Its such a shame its closed at the moment but lets hope it manages to get funding to reopen.

I’m hoping other people also have information on them as its strange there is so much type around but so little information about them.

I rad the Dec jan newsletter of Printing Historical Society-plans are afoot to get stuff sorted out……

‘read…………Jan “
sorry typo in a rush

latest Jan issue not available on line yet……….

That’s a coincidence, I have just joined the PHS and got the pack through on Saturday incl the last 4 newsletters but have not made it to the latest issue yet. I will take a look when I get home
Many thanks


I have a specimen catalogue from 1965, but have never really been able to find out much about them, so good luck!

Here’s some pics. The 1965 price list is stuck over an earlier, undated list. I’m happy to swap info.

I also have some DeLittle catalogues as well.


image: HM Sellers p1.JPG

HM Sellers p1.JPG

image: HM Sellers 1965 price list.JPG

HM Sellers 1965 price list.JPG

image: HM Sellers cover.JPG

HM Sellers cover.JPG

Thanks for this Philip, I have a few pieces of that border, I wondered who cut it.

Thanks Phillip,
I’m searching the press archives at the moment, the only thing so far was an article in 1939 where they had a large fire in their factory.
I’ll send you a message with my email so we can exchange info
Thanks again

Hi Phillip,
Did you get my message?
If not, you can contact me through my website www.yorkframing.co.uk or via my facebook page at www.yorkletterpress.co.uk and we can share info on HM Sellers & Co
Best regards