Can anyone help please? - Adana T/P48 Treadle

Hi. I work for a not for profit group called SORT Recycling in Burnie, Tasmania - Australia. We have just been given an Adana T/P48 Treadle Press in need of full restoration. We are incredibly excited! Unfortunately the most obvious part that we need is the flywheel. I am hoping someone, somewhere is able to help with this so we can bring this press back to its former glory. I would like to also thank you to other members who have taken the time to post information as this is such an incredible resource to help in the restoration.

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Welcome, and do we use the *G`Day Sport* in Your neck of the woods?
If you key in to Google > Adana T.P.48 & T.P. 71 printing press,< you should find some useful posts, mine included! regarding the compatability of virtually All parts from T.P.48 & T.P. 71, meaning if A flywheel from the 71 should be found or offered it WILL fit.!!

In the unlikely (but possible) event that a flywheel from another source should become available, the stated weight from my entry at 68 Lbs. is the absolute maximum that should be considered because of the size of the Shaft running in just a .050” (fifty Thou) wall thickness bearing shell.

Quite a lot more info, if required via B.P. lines of communication, from my own humble offerings,
Good Luck

Thanks Mick. G’day is certainly a regularly used saying here. Thank you for your reply. I will follow the leads you have posted. It seems I may have located a flywheel - hooray. I will keep you posted.