Info on aftermarket foil attachment for Heidelberg Platen

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We just purchased a 10’ x 15’ heidelberg platen that was converted to side pull-foil by a company named “PMW Inc.” or “Performfoil” – has anyone heard of this company and/or can point us in any direction to potentially find a manual? Really any info at all? Consulting the Google has proved fruitless.

The heated base/chase is made by LMC or Lutz.


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Hello, I don’t know of PMW INC. but I do know about Lutz Machinery Co. Lutz used to be in Brooklyn, but 10-12 years ago they moved to Arizona. I have a phone number for them at the shop, I will try to look it up for you tomorrow. The Lutz hot plate you have is the best going. They make everything to exacting standards. Lutz hot plates are the best money can buy. They do make a side draw for the windmill. Hope this little info hells, Carl.

My press guy may know. He told me he sold hand feed presses to them in the 90’s, they would buy everything he could get. They would convert them and others to foil and send them to Mexico. They also was a foil stamper for hire. The 2 brothers that owned it and one took the print shop and the other took the machinery shop. He said last he knew they were all out of business. Pressworks Maxium may have bought the machinery side of the former PMW.

Also mine has the same LMC heat plate.

Carl, is LMC still in business? I couldn’t get ahold of them when I needed to get a new thermocouple a coulpe of months ago.

Sterling Toggle does stock the same thermocouple that is needed.

what do you want to know?

Thanks, Carl. That’s good to know. We had heard that, but it’s nice to have it doubly verified. Do you know if they’re still in business?

Thanks, Jessika. My husband called Pressworks Maxium and the guy said he heard of the company, but didn’t want to offer any other information.

Hi Eric. I’d mostly like to know if a manual or schematic exists, just in case we need to troubleshoot anything.

There are also some buttons on the control box that don’t seem to regulate temperature and we were wondering what they do. Maybe fine tune the pull?

a close up of the control panel would help. both front and rear.

I do think it maybe a fine tune for the pull, the black controller with the 8 red buttons. somehow it controls the air valve coming out of the main box and running into the top of the pull assembly. That being said mine is off of the press not being used and the wires cut going to that valve.

That’s prob why Pressworks will not email me back then.

Eric - attaching photos below.

Jessika - that’s exactly what it looks like, and I think you must be right. Yeah, the guy at Pressworks was not very forthcoming when Wally was trying to find info.

image: IMG_8769.JPG


image: IMG_8768.JPG


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the one side with the display reading “F” on it is for temp. the other, if it actuating an air system might lead to an air clutch on the foil draw roll. many older units spun continuous and just engaging a clutch for the draw either with air or ecletromagnet

Ericm, these units do not spin constant. I will pop mine open tomorrow and get a pic. The one that is not the temp controler has been removed on mine, came with the press in a box of spare parts. It feeds air to a small air cyl that pushes down on the draw carrige, maybe slowing it down alittle, it does hit hard!

Carrie, not sure where you are getting Jessika from, but that is my wife, I’m Jim. Haha!

Also I see the “eye” is mounted on your press. Mine is coiled up and hanging on the oil fill on the back of the press.

Haha, sorry about that Jim! I thought I was chatting with your wife – don’t know where I got that from, maybe instagram?

What is the “eye” that you’re talking about? Also what size compressor are you using? Or what is the smallest you think we can get away with?

Thanks Eric, we plan to fire it up in the next day or so.

In the pic 8768 that long black thing is an eye. If you look at it close there is 2 lenses in it. I always thought it should be mounted around the foil roll, but looks like not. Since mine wasn’t mounted I don’t know.

I’m using a roll around 8 gal compressor from lowes, and for extra volume of air I have a 7 gal portable air tank behind the press. This is what I have

Down side to this is the noise, I put mine in my HVAC room and it is still loud! If you can swing it get a 2 stage air compressor. They air quite and you can talk at norm levels around it. I pan on changing out to something like this.