Another Old Ink Question

Hey all, I have finally been organizing the trove of items from an old studio I acquired and came across a ton of old Lewis Roberts Fine Printing Ink, and have no idea what it is: I’m assuming oil based, but perhaps it’s rubber? Can anyone tell me more about this?

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Oil based.
Originally very good stuff for relief printmaking…

emthree, thank you for the confirmation!


bring back Ault and Wiborg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I dealt with Lewis Roberts Ink for several years while in Oklahoma. They had an small office in Tulsa which would make custom formulas. They had a great letterpress black ink for book work on uncoated stock.

I lost track of them when I moved from Oklahoma in 1978 to the Northern Illinois area and dealt with Chicago ink companies.

John Henry
Cedar Creek Press

John, It’s great to hear they made good ink as I have an unopened 5lb tin of their black, can’t wait to see how it runs on the press.

Thanks again all!


If I recall correctly, it also smells great!