Dime Museum

This is only tangentially related to printing, but I thought some of you fine folks might enjoy it.

I’ve finished a companion piece to my miniature traveling printshop. (http://www.briarpress.org/35868)

It’s a, likewise, diminutive traveling Dime Museum to be taken on the road along side it. It is a Kunstkammer of mysterious marvels, fearsome freaks & compact curiosities.

Owing to it’s prodigious name, most of the specimen are knock-offs and forgeries of real or cryptozoological beings, figures of literary fiction and flights of fancy.

Here’s a video offering a quick peek under the lid:

image: Outside-angle.jpg


image: Inside.jpg


image: MagnifyingGlass.jpg


image: DimePoster.jpg


image: Program.jpg


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This is way cool! Thanks for posting it, Oprion.