Information on this College Desktop press

I spent a wonderful afternoon with two college students yesterday who are finishing up their senior projects and wanted to see how new wood type is made and how they can make some type high face grain (side grain) maple slabs. One is making the first Somalian printing, either metal or wood, type from the hand drawn font and the other is laser cutting three variations of a font that was only optically printed. They are both printing on the University’s desktop press they know nothing about. Any info on this, they think. German Press?

image: O.U.Press_.jpeg


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This may be one of the Pilot press clones made in Germany (I think by Hohner) and marketed by American Printing Equipment & Supply. What does that tag say?


It says American Printing Equipment. It looks kind of looks longer and more angular than any I have seen before. They are looking for any info to put with the press at their Senior Presentation in about 10 days.