Where to find Kort Gauge Pins in the UK or similar?

Im struggling to find somewhere that sells any metal gauge pins in the UK, I know there are a few places to buy from the US but the shipping is killer.

Does anyone know where I can get any or does anyone have any they are willing to sell!


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One or two packages of Korts can be mailed to Great Britain for $13.50 by First Class Mail—we do this quite frequently. We charge $4.00 to mail the same package within the U.S.

Ah ok brilliant!

I will drop you an email through your website to make an order, If thats ok?


Ethier an email or visit our website www.nagraph.com.


Mr. Klinke for president.

Hi Fritz,

I have made an order through your site a month or so ago as you instructed and haven’t heard anything since, I have emailed you a few times and messaged you on here but I haven’t had a reply.

I was just wondering if you have been getting my messages?