About sucker

Hello guys ,

i have a Heidelberg Windmill 10 x 15 Black ball , i love him ,
i’m learning how to use .

because paper often do not have good suction and fall off ,
so I wanted to use the suction cup ,
it’s i i find out from the parts box sucker .

sorry i wish to ask , sucker use , is it right or not ?

finally, i come from overseas in Asia, Taiwan
my English is not very good , if there is impolite part , please forgive me .


Ouyang : )

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Welcome to the World of Letterpress Printing.
A few points that may help, have you worked out how to set the Sucker Bar to different angles to work with different Paper, Card.?

There is normally different colours of Rubber Suckers with different sizes and different softness or hardness for different paper & card.

It does not always solve the problem by putting Rubber suckers on EVERY metal foot, (even if you have enough)

If and when you have enough, try putting Rubber suckers on every other foot and even turn OFF every other foot, (air supply) it seems wrong but there is more Air sucking through less holes over the whole sheet, meaning less to escape.. . Try turning *off* every other foot/sucker without any Rubber suckers at all.!!

More Air/Vacuum over fewer feet/suckers but allows the paper/card to bend slightly to meet the Suckers even without extra Rubber feet.

***You may have to ask for help and information about cleaning the filters on the Vacuum side of the supply, which has a big effect on the amount of Vacuum on the Sucker Bar.!!!

Apologies if my efforts are confusing.!

Good Luck, Mick.

Thank you for your enthusiasm , Mick
i am very happy

i use 500 lb gray paper card ,
since my country has no dedicated paper , or similar ,
actually I am also very troubled .

so there are a variety of sucker , it increases the knowledge !
i’m Muggles , ha .

so it was a complete sucker , right ?
i’m worried it is broken , because that is my only .

direction of the air supply , photographed forget to adjust , really subtle observation !

about you said ” cleaning on the Vacuum side of the supply ” ,
i’m interested , i very much want to cleaning , improved suction ,
but i will not disassemble , fear of ruining it !

if it is possible , be sure to teach me , please ,
or where to start ? i will be very grateful .

Thank you for your reply , again

have good day : ) Ouyang

Ouyang, Thank you it is my Pleasure,!

I have just spoken with our U.K. Graphics suppliers, I believed that there was at least 3 Different suckers, but there are 5 different types/sizes. They can be purchased as individual pieces.

If it is difficult or impossible for you to acquire any, I could acquire a small number for You From *Senior Graphics* U.K. and forward them via Letter Post.
May take a little while, but I am sure that Via E mail You could purchase direct from *Senior Graphics* they are good people.!!

In the meantime just to keep you going (and we have in the past) manufacture Your own,??
I am sure you will be able to find a Pedal Cycle >Inner Tube< and cut your own thus:- cut small discs from the Inner tube, slightly bigger than Your one (pictured) trim it/them to eventual size using a Coin as a Guide and then with a little skill and practice (or a hole Punch) make the centre hole just smaller than the recess in the sucker foot, to slip over, tiny drop of washing up liquid or ordinary soap will help.!!! but as the Inner Tube has a natural curve fit your D.I.Y. suckers, curve downwards to flatten out and make a good seal onto the stock, as the original did/do.?

The filter is located within the Body of the push/pull auto stop, it is held in with a safety catch, it looks like (and sometimes called) a Thimble as used in dress making, should be washed out in light spirit, minute amount of Petrol, White Spirit, etc, Or Warm soapy water, Quite often.!! .


There is another filter, but not quite so important, on the air Pump ( on hands and knees, unfortunately) again soaked in spirit, or warm soapy water.

If you have or can work out how to access Google Technical pages key in *Heidelberg Platen 10 x 15 Manual* it takes a little while to load, but may help considerably.

DON`T enter H/Berg “WINDMILL” you would probably get pages about the Machinery that Grinds Corn or Similar.!!!!

Good Luck. Mick.

The basic Heidelberg platen suckers (and a Google search for “Heidelberg Windmill” turns up a bunch of listings and photos of Heidelberg platen presses) include:

Sucker slides, in 3 air hole sizes, designated by color, yellow, red, and pink, though Heidelberg now makes them all out of red plastic. These slide over the sucker tips in the small groove around the tip of each sucker.

The 19H flat suckers, red (thin) and white (thick) and that’s the one shown in the picture.

The Number 22 sucker is used for heavy stock, and then the number 83 although designated for the Heidelberg GTO offset press also works well on the platens.

Suckers do not weigh very much and can be mailed to most places in the world for a reasonable rate. No need to plant a rubber tree and harvest the latex to make your own.

Also don’t forget about the filter that the air line runs into. Follow the air line from the sucker bar to where it conects. Pull the hose off and unscrew the hose nipple, there is a filter in there. Looks the same as the on on top as Mick was talking about. I use alot of Crane Lettra and this filter has to be cleaned every 2 weeks!

Thank you guys , Mick , Fritz1 , Jfeltz ,
you guys are a good man .

Mick , thank you ,
you have been given a lot of help , i can not let you do it ,
i’ll try to find in the city capable of producing the same things people ,
thank you , again .

details about the way you provide great ,
i really like to hear some old or interesting approaches , it really great !

and thank you to provide a method of cleaning , i am grateful !
but i am very clumsy , take a little time to understand .

as well on the right search words , it awesome ,
i’m trying to learn the relevant knowledge , in the past two years ,
i did get a lot of ground corn barn and images ,
as mentioned well as Fritz1 , just a bunch of platen roll videos ,
just rollrollrollrollrollroll ~ hahaha …

Fritz1 , thank you , thank you mentioned suction dlides ,
does exist , in my parts box , i just do not know when to use it ,
what’s the situation ? why is a shape ?

Jfeltz , thank you ,
thank you for your detailed supplementary , very helpful ,
you said hose filter , not here , it seems the Parts box ,
not been installed ,
you make me discover a new continent !

about paper Letterpress Printing proper use , Crane Lettra seems to be a classic brand ?
here very often mention , actually , i still do not know about Letterpress Printing use standard paper ,
maybe i should open in a new question , ha .

forgive my ignorance .
but , i will be continue to work hard .

Thank you guys , again , is nice person .

have good day : ) Ouyang