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My first post after an unexpected purchase on some letterpress equipment. A few years ago, my wife and I made our own letterpress wedding invitations and while we were doing it, we kept saying how cool it would be do this for others; however, it wasn’t the time to invest in scalable equipment. Out of the blue, we had the chance to purchase a number of pieces at auction and we jumped on the deal, without knowing what we were getting into.

Now, I’ve won the auction and am trying learn the basics about the equipment i purchased and getting information to ensure proper shipment arrangements. I need help identifying these products with a few blurry images and limited descriptions.

1 - A “Brandtjen & Kluge Automatic Platen Press” (photo attached) - The description provided on auction site is “Machine number: NB129957, automatic platen press, with electric motor, 110/220V, single phase, was working when removed from service”

2 - Chandler & Price Company Press (photo attached) - No description provided

3 - Itek 960 offset duplicator (photo attached) - This is a more modern day device. For whatever reason, I thought it was a good price, without knowing why it would actually be good to have in a potential boutique printing place.

While this is all a bit quick, we’re looking forward to getting these setup, refurbished and running some jobs through them.


image: brandtjen kluge platen press.jpg

brandtjen kluge platen press.jpg

image: chandler price press.jpg

chandler price press.jpg

image: offset duplicator.jpg

offset duplicator.jpg

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You have a long road ahead of you of cleaning! What did you give for the whole lot? The Kluge is the older ‘N’ model and you can find the manuals on letterpress commons. It is either a 10x15 or 12x18. I don’t know much about C&Ps, but that one is missing at least the feed boards, if not the feeder. Some C&Ps had auto feeders like the Kluge, as you can tell they are about the same.

The C&P looks like a 10x15 or a 12x18 for sure. You can confirm by measuring the chase.

You should be able to get the serial number from the top left of the press bed.

The flywheel tells us that it is a new style press.

The press also has a Horton Governor Pulley which is a neat accessory.

I can tell by looking at it, that it is a hand fed model.

Jfeltz and Rmiller, thank you for the information. I’ll take a look into the letterpress commons for more information.

Today is the first time I’ve been able to actually go see these presses in person. Wow! I knew they’d be large but seeing them in person was whole other thing! The place of purchase doesn’t have any loading capabilities, so I am having to find a way to load this equipment, transport, unload, and ultimately house. It all seems a bit daunting but we’re making progress.

There are plenty of miscellaneous parts, so hopefully the missing parts you identified on the C&P are present. Thanks for the insight on the Governor Pulley, I’ll take a look at what that means.

Just for fun, I’ve attached a photo of the two presses and a C&P paper cutter. I honestly have no clue where to start but I’m sure I’ll learn more from the good ol’ internets.

Thanks again.


image: presses.jpg