Ink & Paper Suppliers in/to Ireland


I was wondering can anyone help me. Would you know names of suppliers for ink and paper that are available in Ireland or would deliver to Ireland.

Many thanks for your help.

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I got this by simply using Google.

I search “sheet paper suppliers in Ireland”

Swiftbrook Ltd is an Irish Paper Merchant offering a nationwide service to printers and stationers. We carry a full range of papers and boards suitable for Offset Litho, Digital, Office and stationery applications. Within our product portfolio we supply a full range of papers in

White and Tinted Offset, Coated Papers and Boards, Carbonless paper, Digital, Laser Papers, Business, Office papers and Self Adhesive paper. One of our main brands is Swiftbrook BondTM which has traditionally been one of Ireland’s leading brands of Watermarked paper primarily for use as letterheads.

We are a leading supplier of lightweight papers in 37, 40, 45, 50 and 60Gm2 used in the production of leaflets and inserts for the Pharmaceutical Industry. We stock these items in a wide range of sizes and Gm2 in both reel and sheet format. All papers and Boards distributed by Swiftbrook are manufactured utilizing the most stringent quality and environmental certifications and standards and are only sourced from fully accredited paper mills.

Swiftbrook Ltd is a subsidiary of Clondalkin Group who operates 35 production facilities with some 4,000 staff across Europe and USA. Clondalkin Group is a leading globally supplier to the Pharmaceutical industry providing a full range of the highest quality leaflets, labels and cartons to the most exacting standards.