Pin Punch set for Heidelberg windmill

I am looking to get a pin punch set to get some pins out of my Heidelberg platen. Does anyone have any recommendations on a good set.


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I’ve never encountered a windmill with taper pins that I could remove without having to resort to a drill and tap for at least some of the pins. Some of the pins are usually mushroomed badly enough that they need filing or simply drilling and replacing.


when it comes to certain tools, buying the best you can afford is worth it. punches and screwdrivers are 2 of them. find a snap on truck and just buy the sizes you need.
REMEMBER!!!! every pin i can think of on a Heidi is tapered. punch out from correct side. this is usually the hardest side to get at.
find the smaller end of the pin, use a dremel to grind it flush with casting before punching. it will otherwise mushroom over and not budge. you will then have to grind it flush anyways.

Holly Toledo, Ian !
I thought you are busy printing with the reworked head and that is why there was no update to your other post. What is the situation with the “clunk” rework?

It is worth to spend money on good tools. But I used broken thread taps to grind down to the diameter and shape I needed to serve as a punch. It does not have to be long because the pins are tapered. The shorter your pin punch is, more force can you transfer to the taper pin. You just have to dislodge them, then they fall in to your machine … LOL. Be very careful about that !!! I usually use couple old speaker magnets wrapped in cloth to catch fallen debris around the machine.

Using as large as possible counter weight ( anvil ) is important. On those small linkages, one just can’t hammer out the pins without the use of counter weight. Without the counter weight the shaft will start bending before the pin is dislodged.

I also used broken thread taps to make small sharp chisels to shave off the protruding end of the taper pins.

LOL … one might get the idea that I am breaking a lot of thread taps !!!


Hey Louie

Yeah I am back up and running with a new/older head. It just has some parts missing off of it such as the rail bar to lift up the rails. I would also like to fix the old drum now that I have time because the head that I put on is older and does not have the bar attachment on the back to run up the ink. Thanks for the tips!! I’ve tried to drill out one pin already, did not work so well so I’m going to pick up some good quality punches. Cheers

the broken tap idea is solid advice, as is the use of a counter weight.