Cleaning a marble top Imposing Table

I recently helped a new friend dispose of his father’s printshop equipment he has been storing in a warn, clean location. He had two marble topped imposing tables. He took the smaller one home and I have the slightly larger one in my garage. (My wife is not happy) It is going to my friend Allison at Igloo Letterpress in Worthington, Ohio next week. The problem is that she and I have no idea how to clean the marble. It is just 30 years of printer dust. No cracks or chips. Any advice on how to clean the marble top without damaging it? Can I just flip it over and will the bottom be smooth and clean?

image: small marble top imposing.jpg

small marble top imposing.jpg

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I cleaned my exact one with Soft scrub. Cleaned it nice. I refinished the wood also. I wouldn’t attempt to flip it over. The other side most likely wouldn’t be as smooth.

It’s been awhile since I’ve cleaned my stone, but I remember using baking soda with water and letting it sit before brushing.

Old printer’s story.
Stone in print shop was dirty and chipped. Shop employee had a little free time and knew that imposing stones were often finished on both sides so that they may be flipped for a new side. He did not know if it had been previously flipped but decided to investigate. The second side was fresh and smooth so he flipped it.
Upon noticing that it had been flipped, the owner expressed displeasure. He said he had planned that the fresh side would be engraved as his tombstone.

The few that I have seen over the years that were “out of the box” (top of the stone) and setting on their side leaning against something ALL had rough bottoms.