Wild 850 GSM

Hey all,
I have someone wanting me to run business cards on Wild 850 GSM. (You know, so they can cut steak with their cards on business trips ;-)

My question : has anyone run it with a C&P Platen press? I have a 10x15, and have not run anything that thick before, and I’m concerned about cracking with the impression. I’ve got samples on the way, but need to quote the job quicker than the samples are going to get here and think that with this particular (new) customer the more upfront the discussion is the better. ie. I don’t wanna make any promises I can’t deliver on by getting into production and finding it looks terrible.


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Hey EBK,

Although we haven’t run it on our C&P we have run it on the windmill and although it is stupidly thick it fed and printed well. You may need to back off impression a bit to avoid cracking but you’ll still be able to get a decent amount. Make sure that if you’re using polymer plates that the edge of the plate material falls well out of the print area as being such a soft card stock it will show up the edge, and if its within the artwork you’ll need to spend ages building up underlay in the tympan. Hope that helps! We did a big 3 colour & die-cutting job using it a while ago and once we got it feeding correctly it performed well. Good luck


Awesome, this helps. Thanks so much!!! That’s good to know on the polymer edges… though I’ll be printing with crops, so those edges shouldn’t affect anything but scrap. That stinks on other projects though!

Thank you!!