Current Boggs Auction

The current WireBid auction from Boggs Graphic Equipment (Cleveland, Ohio area) has a number of letterpress items, more than usual, including a Vandercook 320G [press (Shipped 9/27/34 to ATF Cleveland), a 13x18 Heidelberg platen with inking, and a number of lots of wood type, metal furniture, wood furniture, a double wood type cabinet, numbering machines and the usual junk of offset presses, paper cutters, etc.:

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incl a Washington Press looks fully restored currently at 5 dollars-amazing, shame it ain’t in the UK.

What Lot # is the Vandercook? I don’t see it.

lot 21 on the May 18 auction

Thanks, Paul. I went past it about 20 times!

I just checked the current status of this auction which ends today, some items in a couple of hours from this posting, and see some interesting prices. The Vandercook 320G is at $2400 beating out the 13x18 Heidelberg that is at $1600, wood type at various prices, a Pearl at $600, double wide wood and metal type cabinets in the low $100s. And a lot of the other stuff listed, like paper cutters, etc, mostly at really low prices. No telling how this will end, but I find it interesting to see that a Pearl is getting serious bids while the Heidelberg, a really impressive machine, is struggling to get even to a realistic value.