Adana No2.H.S. – Spring Query

Hi All,

I have an Adana No2.H.S. I’m trying to restore back to working condition. Apart from ordering rollers and runners, there seems to be a missing spring.

The attached photo shows the spring in question, in the centre of the frame

Should the opposite side have a spring in the same position?

If so, will printing without one of the springs cause any issues?

Does this spring have a particular part name? I’ve got no idea where to order one from if its essential to the press working correctly, but knowing what to ask for would certainly help!



image: IMG3196.jpg


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Have you tried Caslon Ltd in the UK yet? They took over Adana and hold spare parts.

Gripper arm tension spring. And yes like Thomas says, Caslon sell them. Have you got the manual? Should be easy to find online. I’ve got the 8x5 manual if that’s any use - PM me.

Thanks, I’ve tried to contact Caslon, providing some images but they’ve not got back to me. I shall try again.

After looking at the 8x5 manual, the spring arrangement seems different. I’ve attached some more images, just to clarify! Many thanks!

image: IMG3202.jpg


image: IMG3203.jpg


Having only 1 spring is not a problem, their purpose is to create tension and open the press after a print.

The earlier No2 H/S has a big meaty spring on the right and it is more difficult to get a smooth closure as you press the lever down.

The previous owner may have taken the spring off to reduce the tension when taking a print.

Don’t forget to oil everything regularly with 3in1 especially the disk spindle, the H.S. is made from an alloy as compared to the iron H/S.

image: 6x4No2 back.jpg

6x4No2 back.jpg

Brilliant! Thanks platenprinter, that makes sense.