Has anyone run #9 env on V-50?

What do you need to print #9 env on V-50?

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Probably 2 extra pieces of related equipment,

A. set of wedges, D.I.Y. or purpose made to insert into the columns of envelopes, to maintain the (level) approach of the stock to the feeder/pick up bar, we see and use purpose made dedicated (sprung loaded) envelope feeder devices. When/If the run dictates.

B. at least 2 of the polished steel fingers*** that match the circumference of the Cylinder to conduct the envelopes around the cylinder. + a quick update lesson, in make ready to allow for the
2-3, different thickness,s involved.??? at obverse side of the envelope.!!!

***Normally clip on to the strengthening bar at the rear of the cylinder and slide to any required position and/or removed etc.***

Aaron David, Just the same as a #10.
Making sure you are safe from the gripper margin.
Do not dip the envelope unless you want tail wag.
Slow down the press, slow boat to china is better than a fast boat with angryvation. best james

Did many #10’s back in the day…we had two different backstops for envelopes….one passed through the hole in the feed table…located right at the back edge of the envelopes….the other back stop collapsed as the table movers up….like window shade.
May have extra backstops available..for sale…if you want them.
Good luck.
James ‘Mac’ McGraw

Thanks everyone