Blade for Chandler & Price Guillotine

Is there anyone who has blades for a 19inch C&P Guillotine.

image: IMG_4806.jpg


image: IMG_4808.jpg


image: IMG_4810.jpg


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I have had the company that sharpens my blades make them for me, Boston Saw and Knife.

Thanks. Do they need the old blade to match up?

You can get them on line too. I have basically the same cutter. The blade number (I think it is the drawing number) should be cast into the cutter. I am not at home but from memory I think it is 1927A. That number should be known by the blade companies. Here is one source.

If you want to look up and see whether there is a knife maker and sharpener near you, look up “industrial knife” or “machine knife.” I would recommend getting it from, and developing a relationship with, a local supplier instead of getting it on line. Then you can easily have it sharpened when you need to. Most local knife companies pick up and deliver to printers, since printers don’t have time to do that themselves (but it would be for a fee, probably).

I happen to have a Challenge Mchnry Co” 19” guillotine blade for sale. Not sure of its compatibility with your machine… but if you still need a blade, its here.