Foldover sales book

Had a customer show me a easy 5.5x8.5 2 part ncr book 50 sets to a book. Says he getting them for $3.20 a book in lots of 400.

I have looked tbis job over for three days. I can’t see how you can print this and make money.

And it had a foldover cover stock so you can write and not write on the next set.

The printing is local and just black and white with red number.

If I do all the work the cost is 3.00 per book.

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Sounds like you know what to do!

Walk away from job.

Onward and upward!

I print these, I make money. Maybe not as much as on other jobs. But the customer I have brings in other stuff. The books are done in down times.

We call these ‘wrap around books.’ Very easy to produce.
Print, pad, perf, number, score covers and stitch. The price gets cheaper the more they order. (Like all jobs) Call it easy money and go for it.

Here is one I manufacturer, printed 4-up.(could do 8)
I would suggest print as many up as possible.

image: image.jpeg


Run it as a stock item 2 up, score wrap arounds on the Vertical (pretty much run the whole job on the Vertical) Use Perf-a-base and perf during the base printing or during the numbering portion—divide up (pad for easier handling) stitch on covers and ship—you may want to cut to one up before putting the covers on, as the covers may not trim cleanly during the split cut.

Problem is figuring how to line up enough work to make it worthwhile to print ahead (stock on hand).

Your advantage—lead time and personalization, if you can sell it to the customer.

Ah! Didn’t notice Theo had one other economy measure built in - numbering in the body color! Not sure if his entire form is crash imprinted or if he has a blank skip five wheel in his machines (changes numbers with each second impression).

I glued sets and crash numbered. I haven’t used my skip machines in awhile. I hardly ever number in red. Form usually printed then numbered later. Customers stop and starts are different. I believe the sample I posted was offset and then perfed. Crash printing sets and numbering at same time would be wise if finished size allowed for it. Some books I make are really padded with regular glue.

What is the size of the wrap around cover stock.

Is it 5.5x17.5 and do have score it?

David. We do lots of wrap around books, and we keep covers made up for most all the standard sizes. Standard sizes in our shop are 5.5 x 8.5 2, 3, and 4 part, 8.5 x 11 2, 3, and 4part…you get the drift. 2 part, 3 part, 4 part will all require different covers because of the book thickness. In response to your question about size, you must build the cover to fit the actual book. Once you have a book ready for the cover….then make the cover to fit the book….and for standard size books make a extra supply while you are doing it. In the industry the paper used for the wraps is 150 pound Manila Tag, we stock 24x36 just for that purpose. After you have done this a few years you will have covers at your finger tips and making books will be a breeze. Now…. that brings to the next step….what do you have to stitch the books on? A 3 part book of 50’s will be around 5/8 thick. Good luck with your venture, Bud.

Lots of these books, originally were printed on web presses in multiples and therefore able to be made cheaper. If it does not look like a profitable job just say sorry! I turn away work all the time that gets done by on-line suppliers.