Alex Seggie Lithographic Press

Hi all. I’ve inherited an old lithographic printing press. From my initial research, I gather that it is an “ancient” hand operated press made in the 1870’s by Alex Seggie, of Edinburgh.

It seems to be mostly in original condition, minus a few bolts here and there. I am an amateur artist and I would really like to get the press back into working condition after a couple of decades in storage. I think I have everything I need, including stones. If anyone in the community has more information that might help me find out more about the origins and working of the press, I’d be most grateful.

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Sorry I’m new to the site, having difficulty uploading images. Will keep trying

Hi Jack, Good luck with the press. If you want some stones try they are in the Netherlands and have a good selection. These sort of litho stone press are actually quite common, albeit your maker is rare. Karl Krause (German) and Furnival (English) made these too. We have a Furnival in our collection and actually wish to sell it.

Treat yourself to Wymondson Grammar of lithography or the books by David Cummings…….careful old bolts holes can have worn threads, usually Whitworth, these can be stripped too by self if trying to tighten up too much.Get back to basics and set up press absolutely square in both dimensions on a checked level floor.Rochat in London and Patrick Roe and Antique machinary removal are uk press engineers,as you do not say where you are, depending on your budget, but these presses are simple but depending on wear that could be expensive to have major repair work by an engineer, but most important is checking wear and whether it is even in brass bearings of cam lever and cylinder drive,you may need machining these or least shimming up to counter wear since birth of the press.Check cams on side transfer lever are not worn unevenly or will need rebuilding to corect profile, check bed is level, rails are worn evenly and bed metal strapping underneath and sideplates are ok or not too worn, ieif side plates are too worn, or bed botom rubs on press rails.Having restored two hand presses it is worth checking all these things.