Windmill 10x15 Rollers

Has anyone tried the NY-Supplies rollers on the 10 x 15? I am thinking of form rollers specifically. I would be interested in hearing any reviews or thoughts. They are well priced on eBay and I am in the market.

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All rollers on your platen should be the same size, if your forme rollers need replacing you can use them as distributing and ducter rollers, put in new forme rollers and just keep moving them through the press as needed.

Might ask where there made… Some are not good at all.

Thanks Theo,
I suspect some of the ones sold in the US are imported from overseas. It is on my list to check.

I do remember them buying one of each of my big rollers a few years ago. it is a hard roller to make.
can anyone make a roller. A antique dealer by my house called me asking for some rollers, I went over there to see his press he found it was a old kelsey. when I told him the price he went in to the back room and came out with some old fax machine rollers some plastic and foam and said I will just cut these down.

I am hoping someone with experience using the NY Supplies Rollers could provide some comments.

I just got a set, so I’ll report back. For bearings, trucks, and rollers it did not seem like a bad deal. If they’re crappy, I still have the set that came with my press and those are still serviceable….

I’m just hoping I don’t end up with a horror story of some kind, but when I inspected them a bunch of random slip-test locations with a marble inspection table and a precision ground steel bar and some .002 tissue paper indicated they were pretty dang flat.

Do you have cores dwallen? for $76 bucks a piece Ramco will recover them. They have done 4 sets for me and never have had a problem!

Ramco made rollers for most of my presses, what a difference new rollers make, they even recovered a couple of my brayers, no complaints, their rollers were cheaper than most roller companies and the quality was exceptional, very nice people to deal with.

Syn-Tac Rollers, I believe they start in the $80.00 plus range and they are pretty decent, and you don’t need a core exchange to get them.

Syn-Tac Rollers, I believe they start in the $80.00 plus range and they are pretty decent, and you don’t need a core exchange to get them.

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Ramco Rollers hands down

I would love some Syn-tac’s for that price. they are normally around $135-145 a piece.

NATIONWIDE PARTS COMPANY PH: 800-497-2787 / FX: 800-915-7278 This is where I got pricing for the syn-tacs, its comp to my grapic suppliers pricing.

Thanks everyone who added to this thread. I have purchased a set of rollers and plan on having another set remade from old cores. The input and opinions I received on this forum was very helpful.

Just a follow up and report on this. I received a set of rollers from NY Supplies. The rollers appear to be remanufactured from old cores. The trucks and rollers when measured with a micrometer appear very accurate. I did not like the looks of the bearings they came with and substituted them with a set of 9.5 mm Heidelberg bearings I had on hand.
I installed them and ran a large form of type. The results looked very even and consistent. So far I am pleased with the price vs quality of them.