Ludlow mat sale

I need sale off my extra Ludlow mats.

I use my intertype C4 99% time and have someone that will cast a few Ludlow lines if I need them.

Asking $50 per font plus shipping in the USA.

18 cornet bold
24 corner bold
24 Bodoni italic

18 tempo black
36 tempo heavy condition
24 tempo black
18 temp med
18, 24, 30, 36 Caslon lite italic

Shipping big cost, mats are heavy.

Let me know, if need any or all

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Actually most Ludlow single fonts will pack into a USPS Small Priority Flat Rate box. I’ve received many mats shipped this way. The important part is to pack each layer (two possible) tightly, have rigid board between the layers and LOTS of tape on the box corners.
So freight (at $5.95 a box) should not be a deterrent.

A few years back, I used to mail 70 lbs of lead in a large usps flat rate box for around 13 bucks.

Yes! 5.95 for shipping on most Ludlow Mats.

Hi David - what mats are still available? Thanks, Neil


Let me know what you fonts you want.

you may want to add in packing costs unless that is included in your price per mat

Thank you Aaron - I’ll contact you offline. Thanks, Neil

Please, need the money to paid off bad purchases of printing equipment on ebay.

Please make me an offer on the remaining mats.