Mr. Les. Baynam, owner 

Homeward Bound

Hi everyone, Homeward Bound has been restoring and supplying early Printing Presses and Bookbinding Equipment for over 20 years and has restored and supplied the earliest known Albion & Columbian Press. We are currently restoring a George Clymer Columbian and a very rare ‘Hookers’ Albion Press. Peter Hooker made this Albion in the 1800’s and very soon after went on to make the ‘Gnome’ engine for the World War 1 ‘Sopwith Camel’

We have over 3,000 sq ft of stock, (an early video was posted on Youtube by one of our clients showing just some of our stock). We also have a very rare Table top Press which we will soon be restoring but neither I or any of our overseas clients have ever seen before. It has a large image area and an unusual action.

image: columbian.jpg


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I would appreciate information about the presses you have restored, especially the Clymer Columbian, for my worldwide census of Columbian presses. You can contact me through Briar Press. Thanks.