I have several fonts of barely used Linotype matrix. They have been in storage since about 1980. 24-267, 24-131, 18-173. They are arranged in flat boxes. Not sorted. About 60 pounds total. A local scrap dealer has offered $2 per pound. Also Linotype parts including space bands, mold liners, border slides, new expendable parts. Two Atlantic gothic number machines, quoins w/keys. Question—is this stuff worth at least as much as scrap?

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Yes, the stuff has value! The Linotype sundries are also of use to Intertype operators (for the most part), while the quoin/keys and numbering machines would be of interest to other press operators. Pictures are the best way to quickly gauge what you have, and what that’s worth.

Happily, small items such as what you describe, are easily shipped, and thus have the best potential value.

Perhaps talk to *Don Black* in Toronto Canada, He is a dealer in Most things Hot Metal, and May give a fair resume of the Value of Your holding.(s) … Has been known to offer mutually
beneficial, Part Ex. etc. … Inc Anglo/Canadian, arrangements.!