Heidelberg Windmill electrical hook up

I have acquired my first Heidelberg windmills and need to know how to hook them up in a residential garage. I might be able to get a 3 phase converter included with the presses and need to know if I can somehow run it off a 110v outlet on a rental property. I’m not sure if I’ll be able do electrical work on the house. I haven’t rented the house yet and will pick the presses up in a few weeks. Please let me know if this has been discussed in another thread and thanks in advance for any help!

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I recently set up a windmill using a 3 phase converter. The only options I found available required 220/240 volts to supply power through the converter to power the 3 phase motor my press came equipped with.
I have seen windmills run on 110v outlets but they were run on 110v single phase motors of sufficient power - not 3 phase conversions.
Good Luck

You will need a 220 outlet. Check if there is one or a dryer hook up in the garage. You might ask if the owner would add a 220 outlet. If the breaker box is in the garage it would be a couple hundred to put one in close to the box.