Windmill Grippers Denting Paper

Hey there! Recently acquired a redball windmill. Trying to get it operational for production and have noticed a peculiar thing that happens: one set of gripper is slightly denting the paper. When I got the press one set of grippers was slightly askew and cracked so I replaced both sets of gripper. Problem still exists.

- it’s more evident on 90# Lettra vs. 110# Lettra
- it doesn’t matter if printing is with/without gauges
- it only happens on impression
- any adjustments at the head unit haven’t helped



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alternating sheets coming off the press. note the dent about 1/4” from the edge.

image: IMG_20160918_083331.jpg


gripper #1

image: IMG_20160918_083419.jpg


image: IMG_20160918_083408.jpg


gripper #2

image: IMG_20160918_083509.jpg


image: IMG_20160918_083454.jpg


Hi Greg,

From the look of IMG_20160918_083331.jpg it looks like the dent is visible on 3 of the 4 sheets so it might not be either of the grippers causing the issue. Have a look at your furniture/leading locked up in the chase as it might be the corner of a piece of leading or furniture is hitting the stock and if its just shy of being type high it won’t catch any ink but will still leave an impression.



As You have implied that only ONE of Your newly fitted grippers appears to be the problem by definition that is where the problem may be.!!
As You state that both units have been replaced, but the problem still exists,
A. Based on a very old gimmick, Have you inadvertently left a thin (Bodge) washer under one of the 2 bolts securing the Arm to the stub, synonymous with the previous, cracked & askew etc, even a Tympan Paper washer at 2-3 Thou thick will tip the outer end of the gripper considerably.!!!

B. Is it possible to inspect the Ball Ended sockets that independently, operate the Fingers for release. of the Stock ON or AFTER impression.? … Does it happen ON or OFF lays, might be a pointer.?? …. **** See Below.!

Apologies if this be Rubbish! but may provoke some good Info. Good Luck.

**** The Monotype is crawling with Ball Ended sockets, 20 - 30, more, that only ever work in fore and aft directions, with only about 5% out of 360 Degrees rotation, and difficult to lubricate at the best of times, close inspection of Both of Yours may give a tiny hint.??

thx to both of you for the thoughts!

@doug - it is only one of the grippers. in an effort not to destroy too much paper the same pieces have gone through multiple times as things were adjusted. so far not solution has been found.

@MoM - A - i have not left a washer. but i have tried to put some aluminum foil in there to angle it down to be more parallel to the platen—without success. B - i’ll look at the ball ended sockets per your comments tonight.

G. W. As you have already thought to Krank it (THE one down) by implication you may be going in the right direction, but by default!!! … i e. if You suspected that, that manouevre was required, in line with Your original resume,*one was cracked etc*, in all probability, the mishap that caused the Slave Arm, (stub that carries the Gripper Proper) took the beating, by design.
Both Slave stubs are Malleable for that reason, and are normally *trued up* by Bona Fide, Engineer with special purpose Tool.= dedicated extension bar with. female *Boss* to slot over the Hub extension(s).
Possibly,! a pain in the nether regions, but try swapping out the Arms, as an experiment to prove or disprove, BENT STUB.
Re your *foil* spacer, perhaps You have cracked the code already… . Nil Desperandum, and Good Luck . Mick.

Looks to me like the packing is taped down on the platen with masking tape. If I was facing this problem the first thing I would do is pack the press as described in the manual to remove the possibility that the problem is created or in some way influenced by the way the press is packed.