How often to oil a Heidelberg Windmill

I am trying to convince a windmill operator that their press needs daily oiling and to keep their oil level above the resevoir line at all times to maintain the condition of the press.

The press currently has a dry drip pan and is run at least 6 hours a day. The lack of oil seems bad in my opinion and yet this operator is convinced that the machine does not need regular oiling.

I hope to gather your input in the hopes that they change their habits. Please chime in with your oiling routine or your lack of oil horror stories.

Thank you,

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Check pages 12-14 here:

The press has color coded oil points that indicate frequency with which they should be oiled.


I have ran into a few people like this in my lifetime.
Imagine it’s a “know-it-all” syndrome.
I’ll bet they’ve never read the operators manual.

Oil is cheaper than buying a new machine.

I was told I oil too much. Non Sense! They run smoother with less resistance.

In an 8 hour shift, I’ve oiled the red spots twice at least.

Used a good machine oil 90 weight at least.
Go to an oil company and ask, I use ProGuard from Lyden Oil Co.

Anyone who doesn’t want to maintain their equipment, I’d be cautious of.

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In our world the operator that doesn’t oil their machine is the guy that used to work here. The reason these 50 plus year old press still run every day is because of the oil the sits in the pan. Oily bearings are happy bearings.

this is a person you will want to replace as soon as possible. if they have such little respect for another’s (your) property, then who knows what else they don’t care about. Some people just don’t understand that, “This is MY machine, I let you use it to earn a paycheck.”
It needs to be expressed, very vividly, your request that it be oiled. It really is a no win for you though. if you have to force someone to do something, they will not do it completely or effectively.
Twice a day oiling seems a bit over-kill, but, too much oil is better than not enough. i would say oiling every 25 hours, considering the quality of today’s oils, should be fine.
the oil in the reservoir has a line on it to prevent introducing air into the system. i believe it is still a manual pull on the lever. If he/she can’t do that, both you and the operator are in for a long ordeal.

Thank you for your input everyone.
I’ve shared these comments with this individual and they’ve shown some remorse. It seems that frightening them into better work habits managed to work! A former Heidelberg engineer apparently gave them some misinformation a few years ago. Not sure why… We oiled up the press real good and they were convinced it had a leak. I sure laughed at that one.

Thanks again.