Hallo und Questions!

Hello Everybody!

My name is Matthew and Im 24 years old graphic designer and (was) an offset printman -. Im from Poland and i would really appriciate if You would like to share a bit of your knowledge with me ;)

First one! bam! - is it possible to use fotopolimeric plates/flexographic plates on a Hand press machine like Adana or German Hohner Hobo for example?

Second question - Van son Inks - i know those are the best. But very expansive, cause cant buy them in Poland.Also only typographic inks in Poland are UV from Brancher. Do you think i could use a TALENS BLOCKPRINT ink for artist or maybe something else of which i dont know?

Also do you know by any chance the weight of Hohner Hobo?
I d like to buy one from mighty Deutschland ebay.

https://letterpresscommons.com/press/hohner-hobo/ - das hohner hobo.

Thank You very much!
Lots of Love,

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Welcome to what may be a new hobby or addiction.
Yes, you can use photopolymer plates with an Adana or Hohner with a proper base.
I do not know Talens ink. You can use any offset ink with your new letterpress. If you are on good terms with your former printing employer, perhaps you can purchase some small amounts.
Get some ink on your shirt and enjoy.

Dear Matthew,
I’ll second Inky’s advice. Get friendly with your local printers. The stuff they tend to throw out at the bottom of the can will last you for years of happy printing. More so, buy them a case of beer and you might get a handful of fancy paper off-cuts, a used press blanket, free cutting services, and advise where to get inexpensive photopolymer.

Hello Matthew, welcome to letterpress printing. I see you’re based in Poland and that you buy your press in Germany. One of the best suppliers for letterpress materials is Drucken und Lernen in Germany. That’s where I buy my inks, they sell Epple inks that are well suited for letterpress. I wouldn’t use Talens blockprint at all, it clogs up your plates and fills in the details too much. It’s basically a ‘hobby’ ink. For further information you can check out the website of Drukwerk in de Marge, you will find lists of suppliers in Europe, technical information and manuals for presses and equipment.

Thank You for your fast responses! I will definetly try to use photopolymeric plates, some hard ones, but I also discovered magnesium plates exposing (?) In my City. Thanks for all help!
I was thinking about offset Inks but I assumed they need to be heavily pounded on the rollers, didnt think that 2 or 3 rollers of Handruckprasse would be enough. But now i will definetly try offset inks, those are cheaper and more accesible in Cracow. Couple of my friendships i made working as offset operator will come in handy i belive ;D. Eh, it was hard but sometimes i miss printing a lot.

Thank You all very much for advices and warm welcome!
Love, Matthew