Recently acquired Letterpress Artefacts

F.A.O. Thomas Gravemaker & others.!!
Thomas, just inherited/acquired few Interesting Letterpress artefacts including a Type specimen catalogue for a Foundry in Germany, then described as being in Basel, Switzerland,
(1993 !), belongs in Your Archives, perhaps, Would be happy to forward it. IF of interest. (gratis) . . Call Me via Briar Press, possibly.

+ F.A.O. others, Type founders. Type casters, etc. (not understood on E bay,?) 2 Only, LARGE TYPE, Diecases, for Composition, in both cases 2 Alphabets ONLY per Diecase/Matrix Case, virtually all on, ***.4” x .4” Mats.***

Mick on Monotype. (via B.P.) … 18/10/2016.

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Mick - are these the same couple of die cases I’ve been asking you about for the last few years … ?

N.G. Yes, but there has been the little matter of structural modifications to My *Glory hole* via some Fire Damage, so everything has been *On Hold* for a bit.!!

The literature/ephemera etc, is just in.! and is being perused right now… Mick.

Ha! Excellent. Well, glad your glory hole is in full working order now. Can you let me know what your large comp diecases are when you get a sec?