Flat chipboard boxes (no seam) !?

I’m hoping someone in the community here will know a source for flat chip (prefer white) boxes.

I’m able to get decent results with a Uline option, but it is a real hassle and my impression has to really slam, which is not ideal. I’m using my C&P 10 x 15.

I am totally willing to do the adhesion later. Would much rather tackle that than settle for the boxes with a seam.

The box holds a 12 oz bag of coffee beans, so dimensions are not necessarily very restricive.

We do have Advance Letterpress here in Portland and they are who I would approach about a custom die…. but I’d like to know for sure that I have no other options before taking that step.

Thanks and best wishes~

image: box1.jpg


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You do not say the size of the form. It looks like 1 1/2 coffee cups wide and 2 long. That is fairly large and has a lot of solid for good printing on a 10 x 15. You can try double inking and double hitting. It looks like a good candidate for screen printing.

It looks like that’s a 4” x 6” image, or bigger—which is really the top end wall of what a 10 x 15 can deliver. I print a 4” x 6” solid background on coffee bags, and it does require resilient (rubber blanket) packing and good make ready. Going beyond and wanting a good solid impression (no punch) is going to be a challenge. You really are looking at 12” x 18” or even 14” x 20” (if you want “punch” impression).

Hey David- hope you’re well;

Have you tried:


They may be what you’re looking for. You could try a small sample order.

(that link goes to one box but there are other options)

Hi David, I’d suggest working through a carton printer in your area. Wright Enterprises in Portland. Ask for Stephan. Its always a good idea for letterpress folks to use the resources of a larger Printer and I’m sure they can assist with stock or off-cuts they may have. If its white you want, the most popular carton board is SBS and used on everything from food packaging to blank folding carton. For the amounts you need a commercial Printer is ideal. Furthermore they may be interested to know about you and the letterpress services you can offer.