“Aged” Copper Foil?

I have a client interested in a copper foil with the appearance of patina. I know a couple suppliers have faux-finish metallics. Does anyone know one who does this with copper?

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“Crown Roll Leaf” has a brochure they could send you, “Special Effects” foils.
If you are looking to emboss this, to add to the Patina, then i think you might be looking for something else. I did a project with a “Metal Applique”. After impression, I left the border around the image, wiped it with a black ink, then when dry, pulled the image border away. This process is not for the faint of heart or a light duty press. i was “maxing out” a 14 x 22 kluge on this project. (It was a hard bound book cover)
You could however “Fake it” by possibly putting an “antiquing” (tinting) foil over a copper “dusted”….. involved yes. but if you found the right combination, it might be kinda cool looking

FYI - Crown Roll Leaf has a 300 dollar minimum.
You can try Great Western Foils.

you could order the brochure, and if you like something, i could attach it to one of my orders.

Ture, I’m pretty done with crown roll after they squeezed smaller printers out.

ericm, that process sounds incredibly involved. This is a client’s “if it’s easy” wish; not worth turning into a very big production.

If the following is *out of order or stupid* sincere apologies, but could it even be considered as a Thermography Job, they do not come much more Eye-catching or Stand out than that.!!!

O.K. appreciated that the Clients, If easy wish, etc, possibly as a one off, >Farm it Out,< treated as a *Lost Leader*???

Again apologies.??? for potential rubbish.

Sometimes a second pass of foil stamping set to a higher temperature can create a marbled/mottled/aged look. I’ve done it once before to fulfill this kind of request.

To be clear, I’m specificically looking for the look of verdigris - green copper - mixed in with regular copper.

Perhaps Key in to Google, etc. *Metalic Flake Ink for letterpress*, 21 replies/responses, so far, and counting, May NOT be of any constructive use immediately, but must carry some pointers, even which Route(s) to avoid.

Again my usual apologies for potential Rubbish,!


Woah, is this something new the Royal Crown Leaf minimum of $300?

I was notified of this a few months ago.
Kurtz tried this a few years ago, but has since canceled this minimum. API has gone into bizz with General Roll Leaf to handle small orders. If there happens to be an API product you like, be sure to specify that.
The big manufacturers realize the needs of small shops, but the bean counters don’t want to deal with small accounts. Infinity still works well with small orders.
most require a 24” long roll but will deal in 200’ lengths. cheap foil cutters on Ebay can handle these lengths up to about 600’. after that, get a powered cutter.
A lot of the work small shops do, can be handled off of “Sample” rolls, don’t be afraid to ask for one. these are usually 6” x 100’
if there is anyone out there that does want a specific “Crown” product, contact me directly. I am always looking for “That last item”, to meet the minimum. I am only an hour north of their Chicago office, so your shipping would just be from me to you. I can cut rolls to size, understanding that, once cut, unless i think i can use them, they are yours.

That’s kind of you Eric. I’ll keep you in mind, because that’s one of my favorite brands.