Which Adana is this?

Hi all - hoping for some help in confirming exactly which Adana I have - so that I can purchase the correct parts etc. for him - yep I’ve called him “Bailey” - confused because he doesn’t seem to be either an 8x5 or a 5x3?
- his inner chase measures 6.6” x 4.0”
- but he has the marking H8 or HS on his base?
Thanks in advance for any help :o)

image: Bailey1


image: Bailey2


image: Bailey3


image: Bailey4


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Almost certainly, H.S.2… The 2 is probably obscured by the dried ink etc… As You face the machine, left side opposite Your shot Bailey 2, should read, >Model No. 2 H.S.< quoted Verbatim… . A close inspection should also show, top of the Platen Proper, vaguely seen in Your Bailey 1, shot serial number in the order of 5 figures, with usually an A, suffix i.e. A15201, A 15804, A 17176, (on sight at time of post)

N.B. With a magnet establish if the main base casting is Die cast Alloy OR Cast Iron (cast iron will stick and vice versa). .… ***Below,
A few H.S. 2,s were manufactured in cast iron, and although heavier to Ship are more durable.?? Good Luck.

G`Day sport, and in passing, when One is weighing in Ones *tinnies* for scrap, does one automatically assume the 4 xxxx, cans are aluminium or not. ?

Bailey is an Adana number 2 High Speed press.
The early ones were iron and the legend on the side reads No 2 H.S. Later they were made of alloy and the legend on these reads No 2 H/S. This is the second one I have seen with H/8 in the casting and I guess somebody made a mistake in the past.

The early ink disks were iron and changed later to an alloy.
The early presses had a large single return spring on the right which was changed in the late 40s to two return springs at the back.

The chase should have rounded corners to make it easier to insert into the bearer chase. When production stopped the chases were made as inner chases for the 8x5s and have square corners, they don’t always go in the No2.

Sometimes the disk spindle has worn through lack of oil and the disk rubs on the bearer chase. To get round this problem put a thin fibre washer on the spindle.

They are a terrible design pivoting at the front and are identical in design to the smaller No 1 High Speed and the larger No 3 quarto. The solution is to fix the No 2 to a raised wooden base to stop the pivoting forward and to allow the handle to be pushed down.

Everything is soft metal so if going for a clean up you can use lemon juice but beware it disolves the grey metal very quickly.

The manual is here.

Brilliant! Thank you both so much for your help :o)