Moving Presses Across Country

Several questions. I have 3 presses that I need to move from CT to CA. Whats the best way to package them for shipment? I currently have them crated. do i need to do anything to them inside the crate besides strap everything down so nothing loose is moving? Recommendations on freight moving companies? I am going to send out a USHIP quote. Also, what insurance company covers them during the move?

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What kind of presses?

You won’t need to do anything inside the crate except make sure nothing is loose or can come loose. Remove any parts that are easily removed (ink discs, feed tables, etc) and package those separately.

You’ll want additional insurance. The included insurance coverage is generally based on the weight of the item and is not nearly enough to cover any damage that may occur.

UShip is good but you can also contact some of the freight companies directly and see what they offer. Working with a representative from a freight company can be far more helpful than working through a broker who is serving as a middle man.

Keep us posted.


Honestly, I would really not consider LTL shipping for this.

What I would be concerned with is that your presses will be moved from truck to truck by god knows who as they go from hub to hub all the way across the country, probably being transferred several times.

My advice- if you want your presses to get there in one piece- is to look for 1/2 truckload or full truckload shipments. This may pull you into dropping or delivering presses to a hub so that they can stay on the truck the whole time, AND picking up from a hub in california- but the added effort will benefit you when your equipment arrives intact.

For the record, I have never had a heavy piece of equipment arrive without issue from a long range LTL shipment, even one that was 100% crated. I had a Svecia screenprinting press become ‘uncrated’ during shipment and get banged around and stacked on. I had a large laser engraver become ‘uncrated’ and stacked during shipment though it was clearly marked. Other problems as well.
So, I advise against it.

I’ve used a broker called mi Logistics and had good success, decent pricing.
Also, there’s this guy in Athens, GA. who I believe moves presses and knows how to handle them.