Golding No. 6 Ink Disc Mount

I recently took into the shop a Golding No. 6 (#2613: circa 1913) in immaculate condition except for the missing attachment for mounting the ink disc. It may well be in a box somewhere at the previous owner’s residence and I will be removing that clue from the realm of possibility shortly.

But in the meantime I wanted to determine how next-to-impossible it would be to find a replacement part so I can look forward to restoring this press to full working order. Or not.

At any rate, thanks very much in advance for any recommendations the Briar Press community is able to provide.

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You might try contacting T&T Press Restoration. If they have a press that is the same as yours, they are more than capable of fabricating a replacement part to match their original.


Thanks for the tip, Dan. I’ll definitely keep them in mind.