Opening the top of the Ludlow Typograph

Can anyone tell me the trick to getting the top of the Ludlow up? It’s something more than releasing the catches under the front edge and pulling on the lever on the left side. I’ve read the manuals and studied the diagrams. No luck. I have what seems to be one of the later models, serial #11113.

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If the machine was stalled in the casting position, then turned off, you wouldn’t be able to open the top. Could be a few different reasons for the stall. Have you tried turning it by hand until you get to the idle position? Meaning, pulling the belt manually.

Thanks, Brian. I’ll give it a try.

Did you loosen the two top bolts all the way?

There are two large screws on top that have to loosened.

A lever just to the right of the exiting of the slug that you push to the left to open.

And, a lever on the large raising handle that has to be pushed to release.

I have put green markers to help.

image: For Opening ludlow_006.jpg

For Opening ludlow_006.jpg

My thanks to all for the very informative responses. I should have included an image in my post. Please see below. I’ve tried running through the casting cycle by turning the belt manually and trying to lift at what seems to be the idle position, with no success. The front catches are open, stick locking mechanism open, spring tension at low, still won’t budge. Any ideas?

image: IMG_0345.JPG


image: IMG_0344.JPG


Problem solved. This little latch, once pulled to the left, allows the table on this Ludlow model to be raised when the machine is in the idle position.

My thanks to all who offered help.

image: Ludlow switch.jpg

Ludlow switch.jpg

Glad you found the problem.

Three things always help me with printing problems.

Posting on this website (while thinking of what to say, you start thinking through the problem),

Walking away from the problem for awhile and clear your head,

Walk yourself through the steps to make the machine work.