*Need* Hammond Glider Saw Blades

Does anyone sell these blades? 8”, 60 teeth

I’ve been mine sharpened for years but would like to find a vendor.

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SOS LInotype, LLC in Tennessee sells them

Thank you for the link and info.


This may be the last supplier of composing room blades, but for some reason the 60-tooth blade is only available for a Richards saw, a brand I’ve never seen before. For my Morrison saw they only go to 30-tooth, and for Hammond, seemingly the most common, only 48.
I have numerous non-carbide blades for my Morrison, even the attachments for sharpening, but nothing does the work as well as carbide teeth. Unfortunately, I’ve had my blade sharpened at the wrong place. They reformed the teeth for woodwork, and now when I try to kern or mortise, because they chamfered the teeth for a through-cut, now I must finsih with additional file and graver work for a clean inside corner. Fritz said to me, always send the blade back to its manufacturer, a rare case not to support your local. and more reason to let a company like the Blade Mfg.Co. know what the actual market needs are. There must be growing demand before they’ll provide a 60-tooth blade for a Glider or Morrison.

So many printer’s saws, especially the better Hammonds, have been taken over by wood workers that the blade teeth are ground for cutting wood, not metal. Eric’s comments about my advice should be taken very seriously or you’ll destroy blades with the local saw sharpener. Carbide blades can be sharpened and repaired with missing or broken teeth replaced. They can not fix warped blades or bent or broken teeth bases. Printer’s blades should cut 6 points in width.


I see they are listed on the NA Graphics website catalog.

would this work? On Amazon for $16. Concord Blades ACB0725T060HP 7-1/4-Inch 60 Teeth TCT Non-Ferrous Metal Saw Blade
I can remember paying upwards of $200 for a single blade.

The Amazon blade has a 5/8” arbor hole and the Hammond blade requires a 13/16” arbor hole. And as important, the arbor on the Hammond requires the use of 3 screws to mount the blade and the Amazon blade is lacking these critical screw holes. If by chance the carbide trimmer blades are still on the saw and you want to use them, then the Amazon saw blade has no provision for those as well.

Currently made blades for Hammonds are .100” thick vs. the 6 pt thickness that was standard. Six points = .0830”.

I got a new blade from Fritz and works flawlessly with my Hammond.