Purchasing Numbering Machine for MIEHLE-VERTICLE-V-50-PRESS

Where can I purchase a working numbering machine for a MIEHLE-VERTICLE-V-50-PRESS?

If you know the correct model and make please like me know.

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How many do you want? Where are you?

Highlands print… if you have more I would be interested in some, Carl 559 730-1596 California time.

One point to check, I know that the Heidleberg Cylinder machines had to have special ”low plunger” numbering boxes, ( unless you were using the remote operated centre drive type which is not relative to your case) and this might just possibly also be true for a Miehle vertical. The Heidleberg company were agents for Stuttgart made ‘Sunum’ brand, which had only cast instead of engraved wheels. .