Heidelberg Windmill 10 x 15 Black ball Operational issues


I have some questions on the use of Heidelberg Windmill 10 x 15 Black ball.
I tried a lot of adjustment, but the use or do not quite understand.

Sorry a lot of questions”…

A. How to slow down the rising speed of the feeder table ?
Climb speed feeder table is too fast, often leaving suction feeder indentation on the paper.

B. Suction feeder each last about 10 pcs will not begin to properly draw.
Use paper A3 (70 gsm), load 500 sheets at a time.

C. A suction feeder will pick up too much paper. Lead to a gripping too much paper.

D. This equipment can pick up the heaviest paper weight?

E. The edge of the paper often dirty, where should be wiped?

Still trying to learn.

thank you. all .


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I think most of your questions can be answered with this manual.

A - page 71.

B - page 66-71.

D - Many people work with heavy cardboard around .040”. I don’t feed this type of stock but have seen it done.

E - Probably all of the standards, and the grippers. Try taking the standards off the machine and cleaning them with some light oil and steel wool. I would suggest a light coating of furniture wax after cleaning. Basically, look at the areas of the press the paper comes in contact with. Clean those and you should be OK.

Thank you very much for the link, very helpful !
I according to the manual page 71, intends to adjust the elevator speed.
I configured the device does not seem the same, what is the adjustment which part?

Or am I missing parts?

image: 16141.jpg