GIETZ SERIE 60 The diameter of the ink rollers

I have such a machine as in the attached picture. GIETZ production date around 1960. I have to renew the inking rollers. Can someone has a similar and could give me what should be the proper diameter of the rolls, or where I could find such data. Maybe someone has an old manual for this machine. I will be grateful for your help.
Bogdan Dubiel

image: gietz.jpg


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You could try asking Justin Knopp at Typoretum, Ed Denovan at Hellbox Letter Foundry or Studio on Fire — those are the only three that I know of that have a press the same/similar to the one you do.

As the press has adjustable rails, the diameter of the form rollers should be identical with the diameter of the trucks/runners. Nice press.

Thank you for your help


I have one more question.
What should be the proper hardness of rubber on the inking rollers. These old have a hardness of 40 Shore. I read that should be 20-25

Thank you and best regards