Heidelberg Windmill Purchase- Condition/damage question

Hello- Heidelberg assistance needed!
I am looking at a 10x15 Heidelberg Windmill for sale.

Need opinions regarding a condition issue with press that might be of concern.

When I press firmly on the gripper carriage with my hand (while standing in front facing press)- there is play/movement- like a minor rocking of the whole platen, not any movement locally at the gripper itself, but the platen assembly rocking slightly front to back, nothing side to side.

I was told by what I believe to be a very reputable source that this indicates major wear/damage to press and to walk away.

It actually feels identical to platen “Play/rock” that all 3 of my 10x15 C&P’s have (which print well), but I understand this is a completely different design.

Looking for some additional feedback regarding the prevalence and meaning of this “play/slop” in this model of press.

Not having any previous experience with Heidelberg Windmills myself, I don’t want to walk away from this press unnecessarily. However- I don’t want a 2500lb paper weight only capable of die cutting!

I have little background on the press as it is in vacant commercial space being sold by landlord with no contact to previous press owner. While the press is very dirty, it appears complete, is still connected to power, spins freely, and still has the last paper scoring job locked up.

Any feedback from those who know, or owners that wouldn’t mind taking 5 min to check their own presses for gripper/platen play would be much appreciated!

I do have a video showing the platen play/slop that I can email.

Thanks for the help!


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I’d like to see the video, put it up on Youtube. I just checked my windmill, and the is no visible play, but I can feel a few thousands perhaps. Can you lock up an actual print job to see how it prints? The proof is in the pressing so to speak. Take someone with you that has actual windmill experience.

Thanks for your response.
I have posted the video on you tube at following URL-


From your initial response, sounds like your press has much less platen movement/play

Yours has more play, but it comes down to how it actually prints. My guess is there’s a lot of windmills with that much play. It doesn’t seem like too much from your video. I have a friend that turns out nice work on windmills that seem way too worn/loose for me. If you can get a really good deal on it and it prints OK…..

Apologies, NO solution, but maybe a pointer for further investigations ! Same symptoms from previous with a M/c, bought at Auction sight unseen, H/berg Platen 10 x 15, turns out that it was used extensively for Die-cutting, prior, and the fault was (as we understood, although we did not quite comprehend at the time) within the fulcrum for the Platen Proper where it is connected to the impression screw adjustment. Suggest, (if possible under the conditions above!) turn the machine over under power, with a moderately heavy forme up, No ink No rollers, slower speed, and watch the impression handle where it abuts the base, on impression proper, MAY show small lost motion and *bucking* indicating worn fulcrum OR otherwise.?

Apologies for Rubbish and or Red herrings, but may prompt Genuine info, or even a response from Your *Wittenburg* given the symptoms and findings.
As You imply in your original query, To buy or not to Buy, (difficult) possibly beg for a little breathing space, the Seller should accomodate, within reason… Ours was Bought and Paid for, sight unseen. so we had to bite the bullet.
Again Apologies,IF.!!!

Make Haste slowly.?? . . Good luck. Mick

Mick, were you able to get it fixed? I’ve seen that handle ‘buck’ with a heavy form even on newer windmills if the form was too much for the press.

B P P, Short answer, No did not get fixed, but and because,

(a) our Engineers (equivalent to Wittenberg perhaps) are around 400 miles round trip away, as The Limey Crow or the Yankee Bald Eagle flies,!!!

(b) would have been an expensive Gig, basically, more than the auction price, . .
After an extensive round of Phone calls, and establishing that it was used by previous owner(s) only for Die-Cutting (which was made clear at Auction!) and that it was intended to be used for Die-cutting, only, (no rollers anyway) the Engineers talked us through basic principles involved with the Lost Motion through the links.
As they explained it, a few Thou, slack on the fulcrum, results in considerably more on the approach of the Platen proper, up to and including final impression.

Still a vague and hazy concept, even after Breaking/parting out, a 10 x 15, with cracked/shattered base. ???

Yes, as was verified a long time ago, a minute *Buck* is apparently, to be expected, but of no consequence, up to the point of *Kiss cutting* heavy forme(s) with MANY UP peel of Labels etc. again apparently.?? - - Authors speculation not facts.

Apologies and Good Luck. Mick.

May Your collective God be with You All, after Friday.????