Help with FAG heigh gauge

Hi all

Recently bought a FAG type height gauge for the letterpress workshop at Kingston University where I’m technician. Pictures are here:

We’ve been having problems with the gauge in that it can be zeroed, but once the foot is lifted it doesn’t return to zero — so doesn’t give an accurate reading. I have adjusted it as best i can, but still shows no sign of improvement. I wonder whether it might need a service or a new part, possibly a spring somewhere inside? If anyone has any experience of using this machine then help gratefully received!
Thanks in advance

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I’d suggest that you determine whether the fault is in the dial indicator itself, or in the mechanism that transfers type position up to the indicator. The contact point is where the vertical rod below the indicator touches the horizontal bar sticking out of the front of the gauge body. Try lifting the indicator rod and see whether the indicator resets to zero or is faulty. If not the indicator, it could be something as simple as gumminess of whatever old lubrication is there in the body of the gauge.
Does the lifting handle on the side have a spring-driven return, or is it fully manual?

Simon, Your F A G, m/c is almost certainly the type that carries the same movement as the Escapement in traditional Clocks, incorporating a fine regulated hairspring, for the return of the *hand*… In times past we would have had such, serviced by traditional Watch/Clock repairers, but sadly almost a thing of the past, one Tiny glimmer of hope,! maybe obtained from:- www, (British Watch & Clock Makers Guild) Senior Graphics in Wakefield imply such.!
One tiny gimmick/trick from way back, short of professional overhaul (if at all), in a Well vented area, of course, place a small dish, (coffee jar Lid size) under the >Head< of the instrument with PETROL,*** YES Petrol, 2-3 tablespoons Only to allow natural evaporation to rise up and through the instrument, to act as cleaner/decontaminate and lubricant, may not improve but will do no harm, anyway.

Standard practice, a long time ago, short of professional overhaul, With Analogue Clocks, Rev Counters, Speedometers, etc.usually Smiths/Jaeger etc… Even helped the Daughters, wind up, Metronome,??? (PIANO)

*** Or Isopropyl Alcohol, possibly? poor substitute.

Good Luck. Mick

Hello Simon, have you been in touch with Dafi K├╝hne about your press yet? The website: