Windmill motor specs

We have both sizes of Heidelberg windmills incoming, and plan to switch to 220 2-phase motors when they arrive. I would be very grateful if someone who already has these machines in working form might post a photo of the motor specification plate, so that we know what to purchase as replacement motors.

Even better: if you’ve done a successful conversion already and know what motor to purchase, that would be fantastically helpful A photo of that specification would be even better!

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Is this Jeff? Feel free to message me on FB.

Do you mean 220 single phase? No need to swap motors if this is the case, just need a static phase converter for each press. Typ in the ballpark of $175 or so.

motor specs, 2 1/2 HP at 208 VAC single phase will be fine. If you use the original Heidelberg pulley then motor shaft size is 25mm.


Original (manufacturer) specs called for 2hp on the 13x18 and 1.5hp on the 10x15. We can certainly go with a more powerful motor, but is there any reason to go above spec?


I am by no means a Heidelberg expert. However I can answer the question when considering increasing the motor HP over spec.

By increasing the motor HP over spec, you are increasing the torque that can be supplied by the motor to connected mechanical linkages, especially in a “locked rotor” (meaning the press is stuck/jammed) condition. This can tear apart machinery that is not meant for the increased torque that a higher HP motor can supply. I’d stick with no more than the spec HP, and use the same design motor.