Heidelberg Windmill clearance (spacing)

We have multiple windmills coming in. Given the weights we are trying to plan placement in advance. It would be very helpful to have experienced input on how much space is required around the machines for safe and consistent operation.

For example: we’re currently assuming that we should implement 30” aisles at sides and rear, and 48” in front. Is that adequate? If we have to, can we get away with 27” at the sides? Is it possibly true that one side would favor a wider aisle than the other, and if so, how should we plan for that?

Most of us are reasonably slim, but I’m also concerned about the possibility of somebody trying to work their way through an aisle on the side of the machine and having their clothing get caught. Far better to allow too much space than too little if it will help guard against such a mistake.

I saw a recommendation elsewhere here to allocate an 8’x8’ area, and color me skeptical. I assume that was for a 10x15. Being as how the 10x15 is all but 4’ wide, that would imply 24” side aisles. And since it’s 5’3” deep, I’m pretty sure that’s not enough allotted space to account for clearance at both front and back.

Like I say: better safe than optimal, and I’d really appreciate some advice.

Thank you!

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Addendum: I’ve seen photos where windmills are placed at a diagonal, usually in such a way that the left rear corner of the machine is more exposed. I’ve been told that when printing, unimpeded access to the left rear corner is important in order to be able to remove and clean the rollers. On the other hand, I’ve been told that on foil-equipped units most of the “action” occurs on the right-hand side of the machine. Since we plan to set up two 10x15 machines, one in each configuration, I’d appreciate any insight on that as well.

I have mine set at appox, 12” from motor to wall, 30” side table to the sucker bar of the next machine and 30” from feed table to work bench. I wouldn’t want it any closer.

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I’ve had several shops setup with multiple windmills-the more space the better. Currently we have 36” at the front, 30” minimum on the sides with the side tray in the open position. The manual shows 3’11” as the width- with the tray open it’s actually 4’9”. Do not fudge on this. Rear space is 25-1/2” to the press, but the flywheel guard is only 9”. (all figures are for the 10x15)
The flywheel side is where he rollers are removed, not the back. Foil attachments do not add any space requirements, I’ve had several. I am not currently running foil though.
Do not set them up at an angle. One operator can run two presses at times, and it’s helpful if the presses are placed straight on.

As you can see from photos. I have mine pretty much set up the same as jfeltz. 30” between and 16” from the motors to bottom shelf, they have been setting in the same spots for over 35 years, never needed to move. Plenty enough room to work around them.

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I think the UK Factory Inspectorate would have something to say about 12 inches. They are good with advice.